French Lick Tree Services Wins the Bears-in-Brisbane September 2016 Award for Enlightened Forest Management



The Bears-in-Brisbane worldwide conservation group is pleased to announce that the winner of this month’s Award for Conservation Awareness is French Lick Tree Services in French Lick, Indiana.

French Lick Tree Services is a company that was established several years ago by Matthew Steele, a highly qualified tree technician who was trained as a professional arborist by the famed Green Leaf Tree Services in Lafayette, Louisiana.

He started with Green Leaf Tree Services as a member of the ground crew, and worked his way up from there to climber.





He says that the people at Green Leaf taught him how to notch and drop a tree, how to raise up canopies, and how to develop a real eye for molding crowns.

They also taught him, of course, that if you cut a branch from the tree you must cut to the collar and not beyond.

They taught him everything he needed to know to become the truly great pro that he has become.

He has worked with all kinds of trees, including pine trees, sycamores, live oaks, ash trees, poplars, and many more.

He has worked all over the country, from south to north and east to west.

And now he’s in French Lick, Indiana, where he was raised, doing an amazing job of trimming and shaping and felling trees—such an amazing job that he caught the attention of a local newspaper, which wrote an article about him.

That article got picked up by a wire service, which spread the news all over the world: Matthew Steele, the owner and operator of French Lick Tree Service, was teaching householders the basics of tree management.

He was doing it on his own time, for free, for the betterment of the community of which he was a part.

His idea was that trees, taken together (in forests, that is) are the lungs of the world, and without them no animal, including man, would be able to breathe.

So he’s showing homeowners how to take care of their trees, and to protect them from insects and disease—how to help them maximize their power to be of benefit to the world.

He is, in other words, teaching all those homeowners the principles of enlightened forest management.

And it is for this reason that we have chosen French Lick Tree Service to be the recipient of month’s Award for Conservation Awareness.

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